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Sustainability & Spiritual Connectedness

In other words, if I’m going to offer my help to someone in need, I’ve already precalculated that I’m not going to receive anything back. In fact, if I’m going to ‘help’, I do so from the heart and not because I’ve got some gradiose vision of profit. Since we live in the developed world, we are rich already. Why not share some of that and do it in such a way that really benefits the other person?!

The Africans in this story have already perfected their sense of connection and balance in their relationship with the earth. Hence it’d be much more appropriate to ask how we can best be of service rather than imposing our values. We may just learn something we can take home and apply ourselves – you’d be surprised.

OpenSource Movies

Put yourself into the story and go with the flow… In life, we tend to do the same: think too much. I did. And the more I was thinking and analyzing the more I found deficiencies with both people and the systems (work, government, capitalism, communism, whatever …) we live under. These animations reminded me of some simple truths about what’s important in life e.g. relationships, good health, integrity, adventure, taking responsibility … rather than complain about the deficiencies around me, discover who I am and what that means and what I’m going to do with that. If exerting my life energy merely for a corporation is not meaningful enough for me, find another way. This finding is much easier when one slows down the flow of life by simply commanding your ship to come to a full stop and simply be, be still, meditate, talk to God, reflect, be still, listen …

Education – Priorities

One school chancellor has got the right idea, has the courage to make those ideas, no matter how unpopular, standard practice for the schools she oversees in Washington DC. I am really proud of people like this who stand up for what is right while not being swayed by the politics of business as usual. […]

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