Human Dignity

It may be so that we’ve grown up in different geographic regions. This may mean that we speak different languages, have different spiritual perspectives, differ in cuisine, differ in color, … Nonetheless, we live on the same planet, breathe the same air, share in the same natural resources for food, building our homes and constructing technology and most importantly, raising our families.

Once humanity has a healthy self-esteem we can begin to sit at one round-table with acceptance and mutual respect, and share in the challenges we face as a species, work together to resolve these challenges whose sole purpose it is to draw us together, to complete the whole, to be what we are: ONE.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Our challenges include:

  1. Economic Inequality
    1. poverty
    2. lack of medical care
    3. lack of education
  2. Disease
    1. cancer
    2. AIDS
    3. hepatitis
    4. H1N1
  3. Habitat
    1. pollution
    2. deforestation
    3. climate change
    4. certain extinction of species
    5. overall extraction of natural resources without thought of repercussions to eco systems, locally and globally
  4. Energy
    1. dependency upon non-renewable or highly toxic materials for energy production and manufacturing
      1. oil
      2. energy cells/batteries – provides clean energy but are extremely toxic to dispose of
        1. alternatives, at the time of this writing, such as coal, nuclear energy, even natural gas, merely exchange one problem if not pollution for another
      3. atomic
        1. if the plant has a melt-down, not only the immediate area is affected but fallout is carried by weather across vast geographic areas
        2. nuclear waste must be disposed of and is extremely toxic to our environment, esp when leaking into soil ground water supplies

In light of these challenges, do we really want to argue, even fight over whose tonka toy went over one’s arbitrary line into another’s territory in a sandbox we must all share?!

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