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  • Sabita says:

    I lost my love in 2011 a large part of me still lives in your country , thuogh I feel like daily I cross the border into another for work, school .life. I applaud your reaction on the way home .we did the same .we decided to EMBRACE what we couldn’t control, decided to funnel all energies into LIFE many in his family and my family decided to go kicking and screaming and I have to say it made it VERY much more difficult for us .and it didn’t have to be that wayl, but it was. I think back to those days, of savoring every minute even those times when I would do meticulous cares for my honey, Brad, after he was completely paralyzed and could only move his eyelids. I think as I brushed his teeth, washed his face, tended to his LTV breathing machine or G-tube that someday I would not have the priviledge of spending 2 hours getting the love of my life out of bed, of hearing him say with his Dynavox Good morning sunshine, how are you today? Imagine that .and there are people who have what seems to be EVERYTHING .and they still complain. When it looked like we had nothing left, I knew better, he knew better and we made the most of it. It was very hard. It was very worth it. Im tryiing to help my four kids who are now almost all young adults remember those days, remember what it took and what it looked like to live purposefully mindfully and not being whipped around by life in that other country . You got it right right is best right isn’t easy. Nothing worth it is easy . I hold in my heart, as it sounds like you do, that pure, beautiful, life-giving knowledge that I was loved by the best person I ever knew. That’s what carries me through now. As hard as it was then, sometimes it seems harder now, but I think it is because I sped up and joined the madness . ALS creates a forced wait that brings clarity, beauty, peacefulness and a simpleness that I think most people actually crave. When you were in that room, admist the sorrow and hearbreak, I bet there was also peace .. Peace to you and your love, Linda

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