• Pasquel says:

    I’ve got a question thguoh..will this series contain the knowledge necessary to create full animated scenes?Cause I did the vehicle training series and the Kara series and they were great!, and off course they were meant for modeling and not for animation.But will this series really show you How the NLA-editor, dope-sheet etc. work and how to make your characters interact with their environment, how to make them walk along a path and not just a walk cycle straight ahead in place , how to make him jump a obstacle on the way or punch someone in the face, how to put things like that together on a professional way ( so not like I do by just key-framing every step in the timeline without the complicated stuff because I never learned how they work)Modeling,texturing, composting since I started using blender a year ago I’ve been getting the hang of it. but a Image that’s just a un-moving mesh however beautifully put together, is nothing compared to a moving animationfor if you just wanted a moving picture why not make a realistic drawing, that takes way less time Blender’s magic is bringing your imagination to life, so the question is, will this series show us how ? Creating the baby is one thing, but will this series show the kid how to walk ?

  • Arthur says:

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