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I love animations… and so far, among the best, aside from the big guns like Pixar which are excellent, are Final Fantasy (both) and Kaena the Prophecy. The latter, while watching “the making of”, I was just amazed at the fact that despite the low budget the makers had, they used open soure software and rewrote the software as they went to perform the rendering, lighting and animation tasks they needed. —I’m impressed since that’s beyond my expertise  😉

Kaena movie trailer
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Today I ran across another such movie which I’d anticipate to be of equal caliber, made with an opensource software called blender. This little trailer is called Sintel — have a look-see  😉

Sintel Trailer – 1280×720

Have you ever seen Arthur? Looks like there’s a sequal coming, too. Have a look at a snippet from the first film:

Arthur et le Minimoys
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Probably back in the 80s I began to discover that movies are becoming more and more predictable which had an inverse effect on my enjoyment. Little did I know at that time that this little lesson plays out even in everyday life! So rather than analyzing and thinking too much, I decided the better way to watch movies is just simply to be romanced by the story. Put yourself into the story and go with the flow… In life, we tend to do the same: think too much. I did. And the more I was thinking and analyzing the more I found deficiencies with both people and the systems (work, government, capitalism, communism, whatever …) we live under. These animations reminded me of some simple truths about what’s important in life e.g. relationships, good health, integrity, adventure, taking responsibility … rather than complain about the deficiencies around me, discover who I am and what that means and what I’m going to do with that. If exerting my life energy merely for a corporation is not meaningful enough for me, find another way. This finding is much easier when one slows down the flow of life by simply commanding your ship to come to a full stop and simply be, be still, meditate, talk to God, reflect, be still, listen … let the turmoil of the mind simply run out of energy. And I guarantee you, once that energy has run out, you’ve opened the door to an inner peace you haven’t seen or felt before ~

The mind is a tool but it is not who I am!

صلاة ~ סֶלָה ~

PS: People have been looking to leaders since the beginning of time. As long as there is wisdom there, that’s not so bad. However, when leaders fail or disappoint, as we’ve seen often enough, then we turn around and blame them. Isn’t it about time we took responsibility for our own lives & happiness?!


  1. I’ve got a question thguoh..will this series contain the knowledge necessary to create full animated scenes?Cause I did the vehicle training series and the Kara series and they were great!, and off course they were meant for modeling and not for animation.But will this series really show you How the NLA-editor, dope-sheet etc. work and how to make your characters interact with their environment, how to make them walk along a path and not just a walk cycle straight ahead in place , how to make him jump a obstacle on the way or punch someone in the face, how to put things like that together on a professional way ( so not like I do by just key-framing every step in the timeline without the complicated stuff because I never learned how they work)Modeling,texturing, composting since I started using blender a year ago I’ve been getting the hang of it. but a Image that’s just a un-moving mesh however beautifully put together, is nothing compared to a moving animationfor if you just wanted a moving picture why not make a realistic drawing, that takes way less time Blender’s magic is bringing your imagination to life, so the question is, will this series show us how ? Creating the baby is one thing, but will this series show the kid how to walk ?

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