HOW-TO Delete Your Facebook Account

Reasons may differ; all I know is that Facebook repeatedly adds new features and opts us in, whether we even know about it and consent or not. Social interaction on a global scale is all nice and fine, as long as its done on the users’ terms not by some corporate interests’ terms. Of course at some point even the most avvid techno geek has to realize that there’s a whole world out there, outside of cyberspace [article] …

Thought this might be useful info either for our own reference or anyone else interested:

  1. Navigate to Facebook’s account deletion link
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions
  3. For at least 14 days, stay out of your account or your deletion request will be cancelled

In case you wish to research this process in more detail, this information was taken from a Facebook group who has already tested the above process.

Another reference is Facebook’s own support page.

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