• Charles says:

    Where is most of the power used? It is not the home. Here is a breakdown for the energy usage world wide: Commercial: 6%, Residential: 14%, Transportation: 27%, Industrial: 52%.

    If when you say consume less you are referring to more than just home power consumption and minimizing all consumable goods then you do have a point since industry is just over half of the energy consumption and transportation is just over a quarter. If you use less “stuff” then less need to be manufactured ad transported.

    In any power grid supply had to match load. If they don’t match you end up destroying the infrastructure of the grid. Looking at Solar power it fluctuates far to much to be relied on by its self. With a fluctuating power source you need some sort of energy storage to compensate. While the actual/user load decreases and you have excess power it can be used to charge storage.

    With the storage you need two types of storage, fast acting that that can take up the drops in production if a cloud drift over the solar collectors and deep draw that sustain the power supply during the night or bad weather. The technologies for these two types of storage are not currently compatible, a single storage device is either one of the other. Once we get the storage issues resolved then we can move on to widespread solar power usage.

    • Detlev says:

      Thanks for the breakdown on power usage. Power (energy) is just one of the many resources being wastefully used. I’m simply proposing a mindful approach for living and conducting business and industry by consuming what you need and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things. At home, for example, we don’t have lights on that are not being used while all of the bulbs have been replaced with energy conserving ones. I purposely turn off the TV when not being used rather than allowing it to sleep. Of course if I were an owner of our residence, I’d make many more modifications e.g. motion detecting socket for porchlight.

      ..just purchasd a mobile, foldable solar panel that is supposed to be able to even recharge my car battery as well as power my laptop and of course small electronics e.g. mobile phones. I’m still testing it to see whether and how well it actually works.

      In shopping centers I’ve oft observed stores not closing their doors during the summer whilst running air conditioning… lighting is using old, power wasting bulbs, business lights are on at night after business hours, … there are so many simple things, i.e. responsible behaviors to be adopted that would go a long way to benefit everyone.

      When looking down upon the earth from space, do we really need to light up our orbit with city, street and advertising lights?

      Perhaps HOA fees could go towards a fund that eventually pays for solar panels rather than paying for a gardner to blow leaves from one side of the property to another —LOL.

      Conservation may put a nice dent in our energy needs which in turn can buy time to develop proper energy storage as you mentioned.
      =) do

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