• Linda says:

    Detlev, in the past you asked me about the difference between Democrats and Republicans. A recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine gives a well-researched view of just what Republicans have come to stand for. Check it out for yourself: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-the-gop-became-the-party-of-the-rich-20111109

  • Charles says:

    At this point there are no “Simple Solutions”. When thinking about a solution you have to look at all of its repercussions. No change is done in a vacuum.

    The idea of throwing out all of congress because of a deficit may seem like a good idea but it would likely not do what you want. With all of those seats to fill we would have to elect a large number of individuals. These individuals would have to campaign, this requires a large amount of time and money that would be waisted if the deficit is eliminated. In the process of getting the funds for their campaigns the candidates would have to go through the usual gauntlet of fundraising and having to play by current political “rules” and get contributions from big companies and special interests to have a chance to win. Putting a whole new set of people in congress who will be products of the current political culture solving nothing and we will basically stagnate any possibility of real change while the new ones scramble to keep their jobs.

    It is easy to make blanket statements like “cut social programs & entitlements that are not necessary and even undeserved”. Who decides which ones are unneeded/undeserved? All of them were put in place by individuals/groups that believed that they were needed, and were able to do so because there was no opposing them.

    A flat tax sounds like a good idea until you look at what will happen to charities, home ownership and other things that you currently get a deduction for. Also how is excluding individuals under a specific income level not a “social entitalment”

    I hope I am not coming across as saying that we a doomed, I am just trying to illustrate that you have to look at the whole system not just one aspect if you want to fix things.

    • Detlev says:

      Hey Charles,
      Flat tax… charities… with more money in my pocket I’d finally be able to give more to e.g. charities. I don’t give for the pupose of a tax write-off or because it might make my business look good. I share my resources because I see a need and I wish to help.

      While I do have a full-time job, I don’t have the luxury of time to pontificate on `all` the details of needed government changes. My experience shows that in this society we’re kept so busy chasing our own tails, it’s a challenge to prioritize in what’s important: perhaps that’s one of the reasons for low voting turnout. So my focus is on my own life for a little while, then I can expand and work and contribute to other things 😉

      I really wish I had a magic wand to wave to resolve all of the status quo that’s taken many people centuries to convolute and complicate to end up with the mess we have today. A mess that we seem to merely be patching and bandaging over time rather than creating something fresh and better.

      What we need is together come to the table, start from scratch, see what we have, determine what we really ‘need’ in this country, and draw up a plan of how that’s to be accomplished, taking from what we’ve learned in the past and what’s applicable for the present … in the end, what we NEED is simplicity, e.g. possibly decentralizing the concept of government to a smaller community level in order to allow for our needs to become much more manageable —speaking off the top of my head.

      It’ll take me some time to come up with the answers you’re asking for … on second thought, this kind of project is a little big for just one person. So I’d prefer working with at least a small group to come up with a more circumspect overview from which we can launch plans & solutions. This is right along the lines of what the Clear Village is about 🙂

      Blessed Be and thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      =) do

      • Charles says:

        The issues you are trying to solve go much further than “Government”.

        Unfortunately it is based in the genetically preprogramed drives that made humanity so successful. These drives to survive and protect your family don’t apply in the same way they did 1,000s of years ago. Once the population has increased to the point that you no longer interact with or at least familiar with the majority of the population it is no longer obvious how the entire population is an asset to your survival and protecting your family these drives changes your view of your neighbors from helpful support to competitors.

        So there are way too many people unless we can get passed these “survival adaptation” that are no longer relevant to modern society no solutions is going to be successful.

  • Linda says:

    Of course it’s a good idea. It makes sense. If the politicians can’t stop catering to their big campaign contributors and do what’s right for the country, they need to be penalized. It’s like sending a 5-year-old to the corner for “time out” until they decide to be reasonable. If you like what Warren Buffett has to say, you might also like poking around at MoveOn.org — in particular, click on the “Popular” tab along the left side of the screen. A lot of good stuff there and some really interesting points from time to time.
    Live. Love. Do no harm. Help when you can. Be happy.

  • Charles says:

    It is an interesting idea but that is a chain email that was circulated prior to the statement by Warren Buffet that was basically tacked onto the beginning of the existing email with the “Congressional Reform Act of 2011” items.

    The measures are akin to sentencing speeders to death. Yes that is an exaggeration but it is in the same vein. Blaming everything on Congress is ridiculous, how much is voted indebtedness for various social programs that “must” exist for the good of the people.

    A majority of the issues have come from voter apathy. Starting in the 70’s until the last few years voter turnout have been less that 50% at most primary elections. This makes it much easier for special interests to get what they want.

    • Detlev says:

      Hey Charles,
      Gotta start somewhere with cleaning up the cob webs. I don’t see congress wo/men as a scape goat, but one piece of the puzzle of establishing and maintaining fresh and dynamic energies and ideas necessary for productive change while doing away with wasting our tax money. They need to do their job while in office, then get out and not have special benefits that outlast their jobs which I’m certainly not willing to pay for.

      I see this as a start in the right direction, then, and I totally agree with you, make some major mods to e.g.

      * cut social programs & entitlements that are not necessary and even undeserved
      * the lobbying and buying of politicians by big business (esp. when such would have adverse effects on our people and our environment, in and outside this country!
      * taxes need to be flattened to, say, 10%, no deductions; those who are at an agreed upon low income bracket (e.g. 20,000$/yr), don’t pay because they can’t afford it.
      * .. sure there are many other things that people who’re more experienced and wiser than I can think of … where is MENSA, where are our experts, where are our leaders?!

      As far as voting, suppose we can either start doing that or storm the bastille … then again, perhaps we as a society need to revisit and soul-search our values and draft a better society than what capitalism, greed, economic growth (—relative to dwindling resources and ecological abuse, where exactly are we going with this?) and overconsumption can offer in light of what we’ve learned over the last 3 millenia.
      =) do

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