2012 - The Year of Renewal

The flaws of status quo of our so-called modern society are quite obvious. To understand what I mean, take a look at my previous post which, although a little vulgar in its humorous illustrations, nonetheless conveys our state of affairs very well.

Many are looking for better ways to live meaningful and healthier lives while others aim to improve and fix the current systems (political, economic, …). Yet there’s one piece missing—

My experience has been that sincerity and clarity are a (the way?) way of looking beyond theology and philosophy and learn the lessons of the Spirit behind the words and transcend religion. It’s all about the heart.

Coming from a place of heart and clarity and objectivity and honesty is very difficult while within a given system, while under the influence of all the arbitrary stresses induced by ways of life that are no longer about living but merely a means to an end. In order to find our way back to a profound and fulfilling state of being, a full STOP is required.

A couple of months after our move to a new apartment, I’m finding myself in that part of the cycle where I’m going back into meditation. To me that is a time for being still, as well as a time to work through events in life that need to be processed, understood and resolved, and it is a time to commune with the Source of my being. It is an inward journey to the core of my very soul which, when done properly, fills me with a peace, joy and connectedness that goes beyond reason.

It’s late Winter here in California and as I sat in my Papasan chair this morning to be still, my attention went to feeling the nice crisp air, brilliantly white cumulus clouds gliding below a bright blue firmament permeated with a heart-warming golden light from the sun. A hanging chime, gently ringing in the wind, is almost as the sacred sound of a gong in a temple. When in this place I’m brought back to my true inner being of who I am, reconnecting, healing, regaining a sense of my true self, finding my place in this universe.

From a place such as what I’ve described, we can solve what ails us, as individuals as well as communities. With tools such as love, patience, understanding and wisdom we can come together to solve anything! In spirit, there are no boundaries, geographic, cultural, economic or otherwise. There is only being and the furtherance of life.

Renewal starts with the individual (believe me, I need plenty), as individuals form communities, even the world over, regardless of culture, with agreement on common values of love, appreciation, clarity, wisdom, we can renew and reshape our societies into vibrant, inspiring and renewable sanctuaries of life, real life.

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar on Vimeo.