Fashion, Pantyhose and other Adornments

blue hair woman looking at you

Fashion is by far one of the least important subjects in the world today, however after being in a relationship with Rhônya, I’ve been looking at women from a fashion perspective and what they wear for jewelry.

To add to this subject, I absolutely love to see women dress in pantyhose/stockings. I see that as extremely classy, sexy and feminine. Unfortunately, the fashion police of negative social peer pressure who speak from merely parroting rhetoric from the self-declared fashion elite (designers, fashion editors, etc.), has been leaning in the opposite direction and that at first made me wonder and then conclude: Women need to learn to think for themselves and not listen to their peers but be individuals and dress in a way that is representative of their own personality, their individual soul.

The Fashion runways and so-called emerging styles are nothing more than a suggestion or inspiration, otherwise these are designed to merely serve themselves, their own bottom line and the now worthless dollar. There are no taboos, there is no right or wrong —it’s art! Most importantly, who died and commands us to be so homoginized?! Think penguins …

The way we dress, men or women, is representative of our dignity and common sense. Women especially have had so many different styles of dress and adornment, from the 18th century Gypsies/Bohemian style to the 50s to today (those highlights may be my personal favorites but not meant to exclude all the others in that range) … pick something that speaks to you and be yourself! Free yourself from unnecessary controls and meaningless rules —it’ll give you a huge stream of self-confidence and make the world a much more colorful and interesting place  😉

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