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  • Alexey says:

    This is funny. Finding a mate in these busy times can sometimes feel like spinhopg. I want this, not that, but not too much of this. Indeed, I believe with God as the head, the man can be the head of household. Not in a bossy type of way of course. Being the HOH, however, should not be associated with money and wealth. Truth be told, I welcome a woman making more than me. Although we all could use a little more, I’m comfortable with the amount of money I make and my career path. If my lady makes more, thats simply more money to bring to the household. Together. A man is more than what he brings to the table per se handy, places less value on conspicuous items of social status, family oriented, etc The wife is the crown of the husband. You know, the Proverbs type of lady.Expectations are good to have but what we consider to be unrealistic varies greatly. For me, an intelligent woman who wants to have a family, not given to partying all the time, career oriented WITHOUT God/church at the expense, and is health conscious gets you in the door. Picky yes Without these elements though, I would be unhappy. Sure there is compromise on some things, but at the expense of what? Your bare minimums ? Morals? To thine own self be true

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