Knowledge is Better than Faith, although …

Often I’ll say “Faith is good, knowledge is better”. Of course, since we don’t know everything, there’s always going to be a chance to learn. The problem comes in when people talk as though they know something but have no supportive evidence or facts to back up their statements and then argue their position as though it were validated fact. Suppose we don’t have enough drama and problems in the world already?!

Thought I’d share a succinct Ars Technica article about this anomaly:

If we’re going to make it as a species, we need a balance of knowledge and creativity and remain crystal clear about the difference. Faith only comes in when in a situation outside of your control… then have faith that things will work out while doing what you can and do the best possible with the outcome.

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  1. This dovetails into the post I made on another post here titled “Is Science Truly Objective?”

    As a way to make a decision faith is no better than and usually worse than random choice. People have a tendency to over estimate their own chance of success and under estimate others chances, this is referred to as optimism bias. Faith may make you feel better about a situation or your choice but doesn’t help make better choices.

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