Morning Meditations

sitting Buddha title screen for youtube meditation video
Tones Of Healing & Harmony - Light Music For Meditation

Some mornings I like to start the day by eating breakfast and listening to ambient sound, ambient music, space music … I’ve found that it starts my day from an inner place of peace as much as it inspires me to see life for what it can be, depending upon what I or we create.

Youtube has some really good videos in this genre. Either animated space scenes are accompanied by ambient sound or earth scenes from around the globe stimulate visually while gentle music touches and perhaps heals the soul. I am ever so grateful that beautiful & pristine places around our Earth exist!

Here is one such excellent example – one of the best videos I’ve come across …

Some vids can be really long, in that case I just let them play while starting my day. I’m always pleasantly surprised when glimpsing back at the TV …

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