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Knowledge is Better than Faith, although …

Often I’ll say “Faith is good, knowledge is better”. Of course, since we don’t know everything, there’s always going to be a chance to learn. The problem comes in when people talk as though they know something but have no supportive evidence or facts to back up their statements and then argue their position as […]

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Elusive Talent in Large Companies

It’s never a one-way street. Top talent has to assume some responsibility as much as the organization. However, with the scarcity of talent — which will only increase in the next 5 years — Smart Organizations are ones who get out in front of these ten things, rather than wait for their people to come to them, asking to implement this list.

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Transmutation: Soul & Society

Step 1: go sit on a rock and meditate, talk to God, commune with Nature, listen and reflect. Then take your insights, revelations and learning and apply them to your life, interactions with others, endeavors and so on. —Cultivate a lifestyle of practicing presence, appreciation and mindfulness.

Step 2: build communities in your diverse geographic areas around the world that sustain an agrarian and altruistic life. —No matter of individual cultural philosophies and beliefs, we all need to eat, we all want to raise our families and we all want to live productive and meaningful lives.

Step 3: [research] progress, spiritually and technologically and do so harmoniously, in partnership with the ecosystem in which we live and of which we are merely a small part. —Enjoy responsible evolution.

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