Happy Planet Index

Here we have an effort coming out of the UK which takes a look at our lives, the resources we consume, how we’re doing at work, how we’re doing in our personal lives and processes that information via a survey (http://www.happyplanetindex.org/survey/) to derive 2 things:

  • Giving you an indication or maybe making it blatantly obvious how happy or unhappy & healthy you are and provides some suggestions
  • Points how just how much of a burden an individual can be on the natural environment, again, bringing awareness and making some suggestions

The site: http://www.happyplanetindex.org/

Learning From Current Events

In a civilized society I’d expect us to have developed a way of providing for everyone, where natural resources are kept pristine and are thusly shared by the global community as arbitrary borders, laws and government don’t exist because they’re not needed. Any kind of needed production is based on renewable energy, hence currency is irrelevant. In such a society, one’s life is based on one’s natural aptitudes and interests which, enhanced by education and practical application, are brought to constructive fruition by engaging in project groups, in pursuit of gaining better understanding, skill and perhaps enlightenment and perpetually improving on the way our society, technology et al functions. We’re not striving for nor will we ever attain utopia but we can attain happiness, good health, peace, and a meaningful, dignified life for humanity as a whole.

The Free World Charter

If we wish to progress as a species, make responsible use of natural[-ly] free resources, respect each other, migrate away from the class system brought on by money and put our energies together to solve the problems we face not as a country, which is merely a mental construct, but as a species, then perhaps we need some common ground from whence to start.

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