Is Science Truly Objective? 2

While I may not be a research scientist or even decorated with various letters before or after my name, I wasn’t born yesterday, and have, as a resource, the reservoir of my own experiences and learning to draw from and compare, investigate, analyze and postulate … I’ve never believed that […]

Fear or Happiness?

Lately I keep hearing this statistic that 80-some percent of working people are unhappy with their jobs but they stay because their environment induces complacency, society induces fear and believing this, the individual relinquishes control of life and happiness.


Find Your Passion


Overcoming Fear with Passion


Learning to Live

The Free World Charter

If we wish to progress as a species, make responsible use of natural[-ly] free resources, respect each other, migrate away from the class system brought on by money and put our energies together to solve the problems we face not as a country, which is merely a mental construct, but as a species, then perhaps we need some common ground from whence to start.

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