Hydrogen has a Future

If we’re to look at Iceland’s example of H2 ~ hydrogen usage, we’d think that an entire infrastructure has to be built to support hydrogen vehicles of the future. On top of that, I’m a bit cynical about how long it takes our government to build or rebuild an infrastructure unless we do it ourselves. Not so much that I doubt their ability but they are a big machine, not unlike an aircraft carrier, which is not very maneuverable in the short-term.

Developed by Honda R&D in Torrance, this residential hydrogen refueler uses sunshine and tap water to power a car: A 6-kilowatt array of solar panels cleanly powers an electrolysis machine that separates hydrogen from oxygen in water.

For those who are ahead of the curve and want to contribute to a clean, sustainable living environment, this is one option of what we can do long before any public policies have any impact on dirty energy consumption. I think the future is in diversity and finding technologies that are appropriate for their particular application. For some, that will mean using ethanol fuel, for others solar electricity, and for some hydrogen …

I’m really looking forward to a more responsible approach of living with our planet.