Moller Engines & Skycars

red vtol or skycar in flight leaving the city flying over waterway

I've been following Dr. Moller, off and on, for a couple of decades, at first, fascinated when I stumbled across his Skycar, something he terms a volantor, a beautifully designed and fully fuctional VTOL (vertical take-off and land).

Here's a simple example of his Skycar M200.

The only reasons why this vehicle isn't commonplace:

  • Lack of funding - ramping up production is costly in the beginning!
  • VTOLs weren't COOL yet when he came out with his design
  • FAA is too slow in developing 3D highway in the sky paradigm and infrastructure

It's also interesting to hear how Dr. Moller got started, being inspired by growing up in a remote, Canadian mountaneous region ...

What's even more interesting is what Dr. Moller says about the efficiency of his engines. Here's his explanation of Freedom Motors and the benefits, efficiency and longevity of these rotapower engines and their numerous applications, from all-terrain vehicles to jet skies to various aircraft including drones to generators:

Freedom Motors
Freedom Motors is now producing one of the most flexible, efficient, durable and powerful engines in history: <strong>The Rotapower® rotary engine.</strong>

Hearing that his rotapower engine design is 3x more efficient and lighter than the conventional engine which motivates me to go and look for a way to either upgrade my vehicle or find vehicles with this engine already in place.

I mean, why waste money and pollute unnecessarily when better, more efficient and robust technology that is proven exists!?

Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

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