As a young boy of maybe 10 yrs old, I stood on the balcony of our German apartment highrise and wondered about where life would take me. As I pondered my path and options, I was actually quite disappointed with the prospect of engaging in some sort of cookie-cutter life and be like everyone else: go to school, get a degree, get a job, get a house, get married, raise children … I saw this approach to life as though humanity is nothing more than animals going through a predetermined cycle of events, like cattle, like monkey see, monkey do. I’d always been intrigued not so much with the phenomenal but with the spiritual nature of life and its hidden dynamics. A life of just going through the motions couldn’t possibly be all there is..

Knowledge that doesn’t take you beyond yourself is far worse than ignorance.

~ Sufi wisdom

This blog is the ebb and flow of my journey, my discoveries, travels, epiphanies, hobbies, relationships… it’s about simply `being` and finding ways to make life better, fuller, to dig into an appreciation of the seen and unseen and fully be in harmony with all life — connected.

.. perhaps along the way there are some kindred spirits who’ll join me in that journey of raising one’s own awareness, finding more natural and genuine ways of living and making a living so that one day humanity may experience a critical mass [ awareness ] that shifts us from thinking to being, from fear to love … at last realizing internal wholeness and a connectedness with all that is. This translates into an inner peace and appreciation, love even from which springs a joy that goes beyond words ~

Just take a moment. Life… You don’t have to know anything else. You don’t have to know any metaphysics. You don’t even have to know the words life form, life, consciousness. Just stop for a moment… Life… Whether it’s a good life, a bad life, a successful life, or a failure of a life. Life… Just the wonder of that can obliterate all of the dishonoring of it. In an instant. In this instant.

~ Gangaji

That’s the spiritual, and to some point, the philosophical aspect. The practical application that would derive from these values of inter-connectedness and appreciation translate into, among other things, living a sustainable life:

Biomimicry follows Life’s Principles. Life’s Principles instruct us to: build from the bottom up, self-assemble, optimize rather than maximize, use free energy, cross-pollinate, embrace diversity, adapt and evolve, use life-friendly materials and processes, engage in symbiotic relationships, and enhance the bio-sphere. By following the principles life uses, you can create products and processes that are well adapted to life on earth.

There was a time when I had experienced this but I’ve lost my way since then now to get back on track!

One more small note

As you may notice, my posts go all over the place in terms of subjects illustrated. Just so you understand, I come from the perspective that humanity knows little to nothing when it comes to the Universe as a whole, the nature of our being, purpose, reality, physics … I am one who explores everything. Modern education is mostly about merely filling our heads with information. Thinking is based on that limited information … remember that!

Secondly, while some have an objective such as playing some strategic angle to build their personal brand, I am not writing here to make money. As a sovereign living entity, life is most importantly about the exploration and experience of our existence, resulting in natural expansion, inner growth, not business nor mere corporeal or intellectual pursuits and certainly not materialistic competition.

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~ eternal sojourner ~

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