Celebrate Individuality and the Benefit of Others

.. the STO (Service to Others) beings at higher levels are actively working to sustain the Creative fields toward achievement of the positive Logoic purpose which is the realization of Absolute Consciousness under all conditions and in all forms. Diversity is promoted and celebrated.

Your Spiritual Path

What’s most important is that we accept each other. So if I chose the pagan path, or the scientific path, or both, my path is really not up for discussion. However if you are a true friend, you’ll accept my path as a part of me. C’est tout. Simple.

Please help us #changebrazil

#changebrazil is about the fact that while government officials are making 17,000 R$/mo (plus luxurious personal expenses), the average person makes circa 600 R$/mo at minimum wage!
All the while, politicians, who are to represent people’s interest, merely feed their own interests, even create fake jobs for friends and family, paying out money for nothing, while the rest of the country suffers.

Inner Evolution

.. it does require of the individual to be so self-aware as to recognize that an ego dynamic is at play and what the appropriate alternative is … then make a new habit of e.g. steering towards transparency which over time then becomes the appropriate expression — evidence of evolution. Missing the Point: The Red… Continue reading Inner Evolution

Google, Zeitgeist, Innovation

I had no idea Google had its own Zeitgeist group which innovates on new ideas in order to push humanity forward … the most inspiring is the attitude with which this is accomplished.  

Is Science Truly Objective?

While I may not be a research scientist or even decorated with various letters before or after my name, I wasn’t born yesterday, and have, as a resource, the reservoir of my own experiences and learning to draw from and compare, investigate, analyze and postulate … I’ve never believed that status quo in any area… Continue reading Is Science Truly Objective?