Picocom replaces Minicom

.. decided to check out picocom to see if it would be easy enough to switch to. While it lacks a graphical even if only ANSI menu and UI, it will accomplish your serial port connection with minimal effort.

Moller Engines & Skycars

Hearing that his rotapower engine design is 3x more efficient and lighter than the conventional engine which motivates me to go and look for a way to either upgrade my vehicle or find vehicles with this engine already in place.

Soothing Sounds for an Erratic World

Just listen and be and let yourself go for a bit to regain your energy from within ... for some this will be grounding, for others healing.

Ambiance for Clarity

There are some sound and musical sequences that can really touch the soul. Some even take you beyond this primitive human milieu and remind you of a vast superset of reality that, once connected, …

Song of the Starling

I've never heard the sound of a Starling until I saw this post today ... Life on this planet is absolutely extraordinary, there are so many wondrous phenomena to discover and appreciate!