Path to a Better America

Peggy Noonan‘s article What the World Sees in America in the Wall Street Journal was so well written and fitting for today.

Sure I immigrated to this country just like anyone else who’s not a Native American Indian. From a first generation immigrant’s perspective, there are a lot of contradictions here … George Carlin puts it well and with comedy.

There’s no magic wand out there, just as there will never be a leader out there who will ever make everything alright! Period. I say that as I’m thinking about a loud noise called Donald Trump vying for the U.S. presidency and, judging from online polls, people are not impressed with him but willing to consider voting for him in hopes that he’ll be different and ‘lead us to the promised land’?! <SIGH> How many generations must pass before we learn that when we leave the decision-making up to someone else that we end up at a disadvantage?!

What is the American Dream today?

More importantly, what is Your dream today? What really matters?

Well, let’s see, I want

  • to be happy and healthy
  • to live a dignified, meaningful life
  • able to provide, spiritually and materially, for my family
  • learn, grow
  • explore
  • play
  • a vibrant, healthy, lush, undisturbed planet to live on

We have within* our grasp the ability to create that reality now. There is no need to wait for our government’s endorsement or approval or wait for some leadership figure to tell us “it’s OK”, because there is no law against these things. In fact if everyone shared such intrinsic values, we wouldn’t need laws in the first place, nor do we need government nor any excess of material or other things. What is everybody waiting for? Make it happen!

  1. Be Happy
    .. this is a state of being, thinking is not required, only appreciation, gratitude …
  2. Be Healthy
    .. meditate, eat, drink, sleep, and exercise well and don’t pollute the environment and you’ll be healthy …
  3. Living a Dignified Life
    .. honor all life, be appreciative, helpful, honest, … hmm, what would it take for you to be able to live with yourself, unafraid to look deep inside?
  4. Living a Meaningful Life
    .. is my life merely one of ‘shoveling snow’ or am I building something useful, discovering something extraordinary, inspiring people, giving and sharing of my inner energies and talents …
  5. Providing for my Family
    From a place of happiness and inner tranquility, spend quality time with my mate and children as they are one of the most precious gifts God provided and see to it that they have everything they need …
  6. Learn & Grow
    This is an immensely large universe and there is so much to learn from inter-cultural, social exchanges to the dynamics of quantum physics —then apply that learning and create and share in a meaningful way!
  7. Explore
    To really be able to appreciate the gift we have in this planet and its inhabitants, it’s so important to actually venture out of our comfort zone and travel to foreign places, meeting up with different customs, foods, climates and terrain so that our lives can really be filled with moments that take our breath away!
  8. Play
    .. spiritual suppleness requires humor
  9. A Vibrant and Undisturbed Planet to Live on
    .. it’s one thing to talk about being GREEN, it’s another to live a life of treading lightly and in harmony with our world —the only habitat our species has! Live responsibly, organically, and with appreciation we’ll live long …

Now where does government come into that picture? LOL

*the difference between the within one’s graps and in one’s grasp is in doing, in being the change you want to see.