Perspective in a Volatile World

If there’s one religious figure, I prefer to call him a true Luminary, who has never disappointed me because he always seems to keep a cheerful demeanor while remaining true to himself and his convictions, that would be the Dalai Lama.

On one hand, I would not endorse religion as I see it to be man-made. On the other hand, when one looks beyond the physical, looks beyond mere words and concepts to see the Spirit behind it all, then we’re really beginning to see as opposed to perceiving through the filter of our minds with preconceived notions. Wisdom and illumination is what it’s about, living in a loving manner, helping each other, learning and sharing, realizing who and what you are, finding your ‘place’ in the universe, and then living according to that yet without ego … that’s what I see the path for humanity to be.

.. without ego” is key to solving all sociological and most if not all ecological, economic and other problems humanity faces.

A short 10 question interview with the Dalai Lama shows just how refreshing wisdom can be. In case you don’t frequent Facebook, I’m posting the link for you. At the time of this writing there are several things happening in the world e.g. the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the BP oilspill as well as the aftermath of the financial fiasco on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. It’s so easy, in light of these things to think this world is going to hell in a hand basket as apparently the proper leadership is lacking around the world. Then you see a little light when reading the Dalai Lama’s perspective:

“I always look at any event from a wider angle. “There’s always some problem, some killing, some murder or terrorist act or scandal everywhere, every day. “But if you think the whole world is like that, you’re wrong. “Out of 6 billion humans, the troublemakers are just a handful.”

Another Luminary I just discovered after reading a book The Meditations of Markus Aurelius, I came to realize that so much wisdom had been discovered so long ago and yet is so rare to see even in modern life…

The resources for “You must be the change you want to see …” are out there.