Petition to get Jacque Fresco on the History Channel

I call this the most worthwhile message and project on the planet as it addresses most of our social and ecological problems while making economics a thing of the past. Once we have a common vision (and education) as a species, we work together towards a common goal of respectfully [of other cultures] living without borders, sharing global natural resources, use aggregated renewable energies to e.g. power automated factories which manufacture everything from modular living spaces to clothing, which leaves us free to pursuing lives of exploration, learning and bettering ourselves … I’m extremely excited about this vision and feel that it is much more worth our while to give it our attention than all of the noise we have around us with entertainment & trivia … Look forward to open discussions and getting started ~

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To get a little more background on who Jacque Fresco is, take a look at his Aims & Proposals.

If the video is a little slow here, you can also watch it on Jacque’s own web site as well as on his Youtube Channel.