Resource Based Economy (RBE) - The Future

I’ve been pondering for quite a long time about how we may, as a species, progress to a point of true freedom by spending our time exploring, learning, tinkering, all for the betterment of ourselves beyond our current yet arbitrary money-based economic system. Why? Because I see so many flaws with the approach of using money and, as a human being, I feel that my life energy is being held back from attaining my aspirations in the system we currently live in:

  1. The economic system is unstable – to add insult to injury, artificially so
    1. 1929 – The great depression begins
    2. 2001 – .COM bubble bursts (I lose my job and several times during the following 5 years)
    3. 2008 – Wallstreet, banks – another recession begins
  2. Money fosters corruption and greed
    1. profit fosters disregard for ethical behavior
    2. unsustainable business practices
    3. long-lasting products, healing of disease is not profitable
  3. The absence of money hinders progress despite the fact that resources are plentifully available but not attainable
    1. science
    2. education
    3. health/healing
    4. pursuit of happiness
  4. I may fill in more points a bit later …

Now I’d like to show you 2 examples of a vision we can be working towards:

In the first example I’d like to introduce you to Jacque Fresco, a self-taught, no bullshit kind of guy who’s been around the block many more times than most of us and has seen and experienced first-hand an era starting with the great depression, and from that point forward, began to question society & status quo. His passion became the search for a better, more equitable, responsible and sustainable way of life, a way that allows everyone’s needs to be taken care of equally.

I respect this man on the very simple premise that he tests everything he learns which gives him, after time-tested application, not only knowledge but wisdom as well. Take a look:


Apparently they’ve moved the furniture around at the venus project’s web site and I just haven’t had the chance to find the video I’d referred to above {SIGH}.

Alternatively, here’s another vid that’ll probably convey about the same material: