Such a Beautiful Planet


Posted by Cosmic Enlightenment on Saturday, February 25, 2023

I was hell-bent to get the re-posting of a Facebook post to work on my site.
The message is important. Of course this only works if the post is configured as
“Public” and the viewer, you, allows Javascript (which should only be allowed
from arguably trusted sites).

Comments vary across the board and there’s no shortage of perspectives, feelings, opinions and I don’t know what else.

My thoughts on the title combined with the image look at higher ground esp. in regards to what we can do as individuals:

Seeing the reality of what is, without preference & filters, is one thing: objective. However what one focuses on makes a big difference in whether you want to continue with life and whether you want to be a benevolent participant, no?
IF you have inner strength, you are a harbinger of love & light regardless of your surroundings.
When humanity prioritizes one value and that is evolving self, critical mass will change the world!
The photo so beautifully exemplifies a stepping back to see the BIG picture ~ when remembering the Universe, there is a so much bigger picture yet.
Imagine what humanity could achieve if we prioritized inner evolution, learning, discovery, development of technology [in contrast to militarizing tech]… and when we’re ready and reached a new level of maturity, exploration of our galaxy!!
Current status quo is primitive in contrast, a mere shadow of what humanity is capable of.