The Divine Quest - Daily Entries

.. it is a matter of spirit, intuitively intelligent energy ~ For it is when humanity learns to live by a heart of love & light, that is when instructions on pieces of paper are no longer relevant or needed.

Siren's Song to Evoke Your Monad

Our monad, the indivisible and eternal Life within us, explores, maybe forever, different realms in the multiverse to glean life experience ...

How to Live from the Heart

The article Goodbye, Columbus? Here’s what Indigenous Peoples’ Day means to Native Americans, peaqued my interest this morning as I read through the news. Native Americans have always been an inspiration when

Quintessence ~ Joy

What does it take for our ecosphere to be and remain to be one that is pristine as well as revered, esp. by those claiming to be intelligent and civilized? What does it

Being - Life - Essence

From the perspective that the majority of the mysteries this universe holds are far beyond our knowing and consequently understanding, and that words, regardless of how eloquent or semantically correct, are insufficient to