Basque Stress Relief

Music can be so therapeutic when it comes to relieving tension and taking you out of your cyclical thinking esp. when engaged with ‘issues’ (don’t you just love corporate speak —LOL) at work. One form of meditation, inspired by music, can do wonders for your soul. It’s not necessary to get any more front lobal about it because you need to experience it anyway, not think about it 😉
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OpenSource Movies

Put yourself into the story and go with the flow… In life, we tend to do the same: think too much. I did. And the more I was thinking and analyzing the more I found deficiencies with both people and the systems (work, government, capitalism, communism, whatever …) we live under. These animations reminded me of some simple truths about what’s important in life e.g. relationships, good health, integrity, adventure, taking responsibility … rather than complain about the deficiencies around me, discover who I am and what that means and what I’m going to do with that. If exerting my life energy merely for a corporation is not meaningful enough for me, find another way. This finding is much easier when one slows down the flow of life by simply commanding your ship to come to a full stop and simply be, be still, meditate, talk to God, reflect, be still, listen …

Latest Project

Now that Rhonya’s moved to California, I’ve taken great pleasure in redeveloping her web site, Bella Bohemian. Truth be told, I haven’t done any development for quite a while hence have to dig into a few books for reference on CSS and XHTML and slowly get into Javascript. But, it’s fun …