Change Direction

This video is something that deeply moves me. I experience it as it facilitates a peaceful meditative state, aids inner healing, refocusing from the outside to the inner being, transcend the mundane milleue of frantic human life … build the inner light in order to make the world a better place, one heart, one soul at a time.

As humans we tend to think too much as well as talk too much. Life at its most profound is felt and experienced …

What’s your experience?

Beyond Words

The following video just takes my breath away – it far transcends the words one might use to express its beauty and the connectedness with a Nature pristine and each other – there’s a harmony it inspires that can only be felt, deeply …

Happy Planet Index

Here we have an effort coming out of the UK which takes a look at our lives, the resources we consume, how we’re doing at work, how we’re doing in our personal lives and processes that information via a survey ( to derive 2 things:

  • Giving you an indication or maybe making it blatantly obvious how happy or unhappy & healthy you are and provides some suggestions
  • Points how just how much of a burden an individual can be on the natural environment, again, bringing awareness and making some suggestions

The site: