What Kind of World do you Want?

What Kind of World do you Want?

CAVEAT: My writing style is an attempt to distill my conveyance into a succinct message at the expense of providing numerous examples, trusting that the reader has enough life experience to draw from in order to understand. I am not looking for agreement.


To look from one vantage point and put it simply, we have a dichotomy in society of:

  • Leaders (so-called) who questionably represent the people
  • People who re-act to their environment relative to their perception and experience and emotional state, which akin to free radicals, can many times run all over the map

As a species we have no healthy coherence, something that neither religion nor political ideology has been able to accomplish, be it with force or democratic debate. I speak in light of human events across the centuries and to this day. What we do have now is better than complete chaos, but not mature yet.

At the same time there is hardly a shortage of people who tend either towards complaining or complacency.

Creation of what we do want requires energy.


At present, as I live in the United States, and observe current events from COVID to the storming of the Capitol building to people burning history books because they have some ideology they’re pushing, I cannot help but think that people in general are lost in fear and hopelessness, feeling disconnected, hence find themselves running in random directions like animals in a wildfire.

I’m not making fun, pay attention.

The snippet of life experience conveyed above is more akin to a Jerry Springer Show than the country I saw when I was a boy growing up in Germany, ranging from great comedians to Elizabeth Taylor to going to the moon! I say this relative to where I live now, that does not mean any other country does any better, just differently.


.. some of Einstein’s quotations:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

Albert Einstein

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Steps towards Transcendence

So how do we rise above our current state of being?

Intuitively, what kind of life do I, the reader, want?


This word, although frequent in common use, is a misnomer, akin to butterflies in your stomach, fleeting. The substantial quality to bring out is the joy you have inside, only awaiting opportunity to express itself. Joy is a state of being, unlimited in its energy. Happiness is dependent upon outside influences.

Well Being

A healthy body is required for well-being. In order for our human shell to function optimally and allow for balanced temperament, clear thought and energetic action, we simply need meditation, exercise, nutrition and rest. It is up to each individual to discover and learn about the appropriate balances that your body needs. At the same time one needs to learn to filter any interfering energies from noise to emotionally manipulative media to interruptions of meditation and rest, to carcinogens and toxins all around us and in the items we use and consume.

Benevolent, Profound Relationships

Once joy and optimal health are established, we are at our best and therefore in the best spiritual and mental state to interact with others, either to enjoy leisure activity, collaborate on endeavors or express empathy, understanding and compassionate support. Please note that relationships include how we relate with all living beings and are never about control. This comes intuitively once we have grown beyond separation and feel connected instead.

A Meaningful Life Path of Inner Growth

Relative to the seemingly random life experiences of growing up, we learn more about our inner being, who we are, for example by observing our responses in various situations. As we mature, eventually we determine to want to do something meaningful and fulfilling in this life. For some this may be to pick up the guitar and play and sing … for others it may be the furthering of knowledge through a systematic approach such as science, for yet others perhaps the healing arts resonate internally. As wisdom in our specialty grows, what could be more fulfilling that to collaborate on an interdisciplinary need or project? If you’re really energetic maybe you’ll learn multiple specialties.

Explore the Universe

Once humanity has gotten its own house in order, done away with aggression, ideologies of separation, pollution of our environment, toxicity in our food, noise pollution and any other destructive influences that deteriorate our well-being, now we will be in a much better state to work together on the challenges that await us as we plan to explore our galaxy! Maybe we will even have matured to a level of dignity where we will have something of substance to bring to the table of an intergalactic alliance and be respected, even if we are not 300000 years old.

It is about bringing the human population to a point of maturity where chosen leaders adequately represent their people without delusions of power and prestige. Leadership that is more akin to planning and organizing a collaborative endeavor that benefits any given group(s) somewhere on the planet. In the future, names of countries will be indicative of region and culture, not ideology or religion.


It is my hope that as a species we can learn to grow beyond ethics (legal guidelines) and morals (religious guidelines) for behavior and instead grow to an awareness that we are part of everything around us, and as such, treat everything and everyone with appreciation and love. Hence appropriate behavior comes intuitively, it flows naturally.

When we share this vision with these values across the world, regardless of country, we will pull human consciousness upward by virtue of necessity. Hence by adopting the above qualities as primary focal points of our life direction, most of the over complicated sociological and political/ideological issues will resolve themselves, as these are no longer relevant and thus fade like mist in the morning sun. The progress and time needed to see significant changes across the globe is entirely up to the human population and how well each individual takes responsibility to play their part. Dignity cannot be any easier.

This is my bold contribution to humanity as a whole, as much as it is my life’s path.

Join me.

PS: This is an enormous subject for me to write about as much as it takes much energy to convey what I can. As I evolve or gain more understanding, I will update this writing.

Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

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