4 Feb 2022 - Thoughts for the Day

A conversation about the illusion of time came up on Facebook and it got me thinking …

No argument about human ignorance or lack of knowledge relative our current state of consciousness, awareness and development. Time in terms of measurements is a human construct when conceptualizing seconds, minutes, hour, days, months, … sure, similar to the lines on a ruler, be they in imperial or metric standards.

Though without time passing, how can any evolution or incremental activity take place, such as a seed growing into a large plant?

At my present stage of understanding there is a difference between our human conceptualization of reality and the greater reality [that we cannot yet process with mind]. Time may not exist outside of our reality, but then I’d question the usefulness of such a conversation.

Right now humans have a need for learning to be properly grounded in love and connection with Source, learn when mind is appropriate to engage, put aside meaningless judgement towards people who are different, learn to be responsible stewards of our environment and learn to behave appropriately towards one another and all life!

I am curious about building a human life experience where we may pursue our curiosity towards life, learn about our aptitudes, build knowledge and skill and readily share these and uplift one another outside of an arbitrary construct such as the socio-economic and political systems we have have now which are obviously inadequate because they come from a place of linear mind where an intuitive connection with life would fluidly organize our species towards harmony and growth, effortlessly.