This natural Wanderlust has been a part of me since early on. As a boy my parents took me to several places such as renting a boat and making our way through the canals of Amsterdam. Another trip took us to the Spanish island of Mallorca —my first international trip. As you’re growing up, everything’s an adventure to begin with, now imagine that multiplied when adding all of the unknowns of a foreign culture. The paragraphs that follow are excerpts from my travels —to be filled in with snapshots of our experiences as time allows …

The good thing that came out of my mother’s divorce, aside from us still being alive, is that we moved to the West Coast of the U.S. where I was, and with only 1 year of school English mind you, immediately immersed into another culture. This time it wasn’t just for a couple of weeks, it was for good.

After High School, then trying out the U.S. military on the East Coast for a couple of months, I came back with a whole new repertoire of learning. Some years later, my best friend and I decided to fly up to San Francisco and ride our bicycles home, a trip that would last us about 12 or 13 days and carry us across 600 miles of California landscape. Few years after that, we went on another trek on 2 wheels, just this time those wheels came with an engine and carried us all the way to Vancouver, BC.

Getting laid off, especially in this climate of economic instability, isn’t usually seen as a good thing. But when it happened to me in 2001 I took the opportunity to do what I’d only dreamed of: travel to Asia. Before I knew it, I was atop a river boat bearing due South on one of Thailand’s largest rivers en route to a place called Kho Pipi.

Most recently my wife and I traveled to her motherland: Brazil. Here the adventure was to meet her family for the first time and explore a plethora of fruit I’ve never even heard of as well as trace back her steps to an exotic island where she used to live, to see if her friends of old were still alive …

2011 San Francisco - Valentine’s Week
The weather was pretty mild and equipped with my new GPS we made really good time. A really useful feature of this TomTom GPS is that it’ll also look out for alternative routes to avoid freeway congestion. This way we made our way through Los Angeles areas I’d
2010 - Brazil
Perhaps I’ll do some story-telling later. For now, enjoy the photos. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *