• Morning Meditations

    sitting Buddha title screen for youtube meditation video

    Some mornings I like to start the day by eating breakfast and listening to ambient sound, ambient music, space music … I’ve found that it starts my day from an inner place of peace as much as it inspires me to see life for what it can be, depending upon what I or we create. Youtube has some really good videos in this genre. Either animated space scenes are accompanied by ambient sound or earth scenes from around the globe stimulate visually while gentle music touches and perhaps heals the soul. I am ever so grateful that beautiful & pristine…

  • Carl Sagan – Genuine Seeker

    Now while he lost me on anthropic versus the lithic principle inasmuch as to me it is another mental gyration I have yet to understand before deciding upon its merit, he exemplifies another profound habit: proper use of mind.

  • Vibration

    If you want to explore the deepest dimensions of life playfully, you need a heart full of love, a joyful mind, and a vibrant body. Sadhguru Yaggi Vasudev

  • Change Direction

    .. facilitates a peaceful meditative state, aids inner healing, refocusing from the outside to the inner being, transcend the mundane milleue of frantic human life ...

  • Bella Bohemian Flyer

    Bella Bohemian – Online At Last

    It’s been a long road to migrate our online boutique, find artists to get a little work done, re-shoot many of the product images, figure out the best shipping methods, set up our new ecommerce platform, not to mention find ways…