• Bhyve, Debian – EFI Boot Failure

    After completing the OS installation steps via GUI, I decided to delete the hypervisor's CD-ROM device with its mapping to the installation ISO. Unbeknownst to me, that renumbered installed device mappings and effectively changed my NIC's Predictable Network Interface Name: enp0s5 -> enp0s4. After rebooting the VM, I was faced with two surprising problems: the system booted into the EFI CLI {FACEPALM}the NIC lost network connection {facepalm}

  • symbol of quintessence

    Quintessence ~ Joy

    .. can show you visually how to evolve from a Newtonian, particle-based mindset, to experiencing an energetic and invigorating flow of life's energies ...

  • buddha with snowy mountain background

    Connecting Soul to Nature

    .. akin to making a connection with God and allowing that connection to illuminate the heart in such a way that one's gradually increasing illumination shines outward, expressing itself in appreciation, love, patience, empathy, creativity, kindness, ... Oneness ~

  • light within buddha's center

    Being – Life – Essence

    I am looking at the negative polarity of human potential here as lack of awareness by merely encouraging the light in us doesn't seem to be enough. How much disaster does humanity require to learn, wake up and change its…

  • sitting Buddha title screen for youtube meditation video

    Morning Meditations

    Some mornings I like to start the day by eating breakfast and listening to ambient sound, ambient music, space music … I’ve found that it starts my day from an inner place of peace as much as it inspires me…

  • Carl Sagan – Genuine Seeker

    Now while he lost me on anthropic versus the lithic principle inasmuch as to me it is another mental gyration I have yet to understand before deciding upon its merit, he exemplifies another profound habit: proper use of mind.