Bad Idea: PIPA and SOPA!?

.. as these are are written in ambiguous legal language, would have the power to circumvent due process and hence are just waiting to be abused and will in the end also hurt the innocent because the defendant may not even know about having been charged even if only for the smallest infraction. We don’t need more government control especially when big, corporate business is behind it.

Initially I came across this information from the WordPress community and then, before finalizing this post, and rather than reading pages and pages of legal dribble, I researched this proposed bill on Wikipedia. There the article explains who’s behind this bill and who’s opposing it and why.

As of today (January 18), also released a video on the subject which is the best to date that I’ve found:


I’m all for, in this case, artists reaping the benefits of their art and skill, but I am strongly opposed to corporate interests strong arming political and legal clout which is already being abused merely to satisfy greed and hunger for power, never satisfied, making the American Dream nothing more than a pipe dream for the rest of us. I am getting sick and tired of seeing corporate interests around the world wreaking havoc on people and habitats in all the facets that we’ve already seen.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

A personal favorite of mine is the phrase “Open Source”…

I’d like to and am beginning to see a future where people follow the passion that’s in their heart: to dream, explore, make, build, write, compose, visualize, inspire, synthesize something out of their own creative soul-center and share it for common enjoyment (e.g. We’re reconnecting with each other in a spirit of compassion, collaborating, brain-storming, problem solving, meditating, soul-searching, evolving and once again feeling a connection with the Earth and being willing to be responsible and appreciative stewards of this little blue marble …

Life comes from within and needs to be nurtured in order to fulfill its birthright in perpetual potential for growth via experience and learning and sharing and helping – herein lies true happiness.

Before I forget, here’s a link to the petition to sign if you agree to fight counter-productive bills such as this:Β takeaction