Honest Business

It’s really just about dealing equitably, fairly with people, be it in business or everyday life … but because there’s been so much secrecy in organizations of various types, oft at the expense of the unassuming, this video portrays very simply that the ethical approach is what we all yearn for, wherein everybody wins and the heart of the doer is fulfilled.

The reason this video spoke to me is because my wife and I have been running a jewelry business (also some home decor) for a while and finally explained online why giving discounts is an illusion:

All of our Collections are a reflection of artisan passion, one-of-a kind expressions, exclusively handcrafted in the USA with imported materials, carefully hand-picked by the designer.

Prices are based upon material costs and artisan skill and time. We do not offer discounts, sales or coupons because we don’t provide mass-produced mediocrity which is arbitrarily marked up 300-1000% only to offer discounts. Such an insult to your intelligence may be a marketing standard, it is just not us. We are about a fair exchange, offered to those who appreciate uniqueness and honesty.