Reality of Our Existence

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.

I am intelligence, energy, sovereign … one who chose to experience this world.

I am whole as much as I am immersed in the intelligent, unified field some refer to as the Universe, Source or God/Goddess.

Mine is a benevolent path of discovery, exploration with potential unrealized yet unlimited.

There is no right and wrong in the Universe, only what is appropriate, or the outcome of focused energy.

Energy is neither good nor evil, for it either creates or dissolves as mind would direct.

Life experiences center around relationships, from physics to the social aspect.

The challenge of life on this plane of existence is to learn about the interplay of energies at different levels, amplitudes, densities, intensities, phases, …

Discovery of one’s own potential is the foundation from whence purpose conveys vision resulting in the unfolding of life energy flowing ~

Wisdom is vindicated by its outcome.

Life is eternal, form is temporal.