Shaking the Bottle

Shaking the Bottle

In response to my friend’s awareness inspiring repost of Alex Morton’s writing, …

.. the following are my inclinations towards the subject:

Whether there is a cabal based on terra firma or there’s a symbiotry of an even higher intelligence at work, practically each ant colony needs to be more aware and mature in their approach to life’s circumstances, each other and their environment, just as the author’s last statement already points out. The vision I have for humanity is to evolve to the point where government as we know it is no longer needed, at least not the way it’s implemented today with its legal and political convolutions, shortcomings, and volumes of mumbo jumbo that nobody reads, in effect bringing progress to a crawl. Personal evolution is the only dignified way I can think of off the top of my head to jump out of the negative feedback loop of excessive reliance on leaders and governments, reflections of past blunders recurring and mere fumbling and stumbling into the future with only tech trinkets to show for in terms of progress.

Apropos calamity by design, while government has pockets of intelligence, I’d estimate such leaven is not pervasive enough. Historically, suffering has most often been caused either by poor leadership e.g. Caligula, Nero, Hitler, … or simply by human ignorance e.g. black death caused by lack of cleanliness and hygiene in addition to a fear-based, linear, survival mentality.

Steven Greer mentioned a while back in one of his videos (I’d link it if I’d remember which) a meeting taking place on a remote island in Oceania, attended by a highly influential elite, to discuss the problems (population growth vs resources, projected human ecological footprint, pandemics, energy, planet killers, …) humanity faces today … something to consider yet with a grain of salt.

In my estimation, I also wrote in response to a state survey regarding our current COVID-19 milieu, is that I’d envision the government’s ultimate goal [globally] to be to facilitate (not so much vis-a-vis psyops but by sincere inspiration derived from wisdom) the pursuit of perpetual transcendence ~ inner evolution ~ with the integrity of self-reliance, responsibility, mutual collaboration … to the point that government as well as the control and motivation exerted by the socio-economic systems become obsolete. Of course I’d expect such words to be well received! {SNICKER}

.. may be 100 years ahead of my time … so now I have to piddle around and wait for critical mass – {SIGH} – never mind thinking, that’s how it feels when I observe parts of our global culture and how the current paradigm we’re in limits benevolent human potential.

Instead we get small visions such as “Make America great again.” Sure, it’s a step forward, even if smaller and somewhat ethnocentric. Respectable from the perspective of get your own house in order before …

There are sages in the world today who share and teach … unfortunately, the world is much too noisy and busy and distracted to pay attention, learn and practice.