Sustainability & Spiritual Connectedness

The full length film A Thousand Suns depicts what is the unenlightened approach to giving aid to developing countries: the insidious desire for yet more profit.

In other words, if I’m going to offer my help to someone in need, I’ve already precalculated that I’m not going to receive anything back. In fact, if I’m going to ‘help’, I do so from the heart and not because I’ve got some gradiose vision of profit. Since we live in the developed world, we are rich already. Why not share some of that and do it in such a way that really benefits the other person?!

The Africans in this story have already perfected their sense of connection and balance in their relationship with the earth. Hence it’d be much more appropriate to ask how we can best be of service rather than imposing our values. We may just learn something we can take home and apply ourselves – you’d be surprised.