Tax the Billionaires

A buddy of mine posted this on social media today and I thought I’d record my response here for safe-keeping.

I don’t know Aaron – suppose he’s the originator of this blurb …

As an immortal, money is the least of my concerns.

To be fair, if money is used wisely, invested and whatnot, it can grown into a nice nest egg, and that at a lower tax rate than wage earners are subjected to.

The tax system is a convoluted clusterfoo that expends way too much effort and time to sift through to ascertain compliance only to pay for services whose quality is questionable.

On another note, living within such a fragile socio-economic system, one that can fail at any time, convoluted, complex as it is … that needs addressing. And I am fairly certain that no ideology is the solution.

Thinking creatively here, Jacques Fresco may have been on to something with his approach – not THE answer, but there are elements of his approach that I think are going in a good direction. Something along the lines of harness clean, free energy, use AI and automation to produce many of the things we need from agriculture to clothing to homes. That will free us up so that we may focus on meaningful learning and contribution to each other as a local & global society … although that requires people to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally mature and have some manner of self-discipline and empathy, eh?

Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

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