Your Spiritual Path

An article I posted on G+ but wanted to archive here as well:

Her video reminds me of the old days of when I used to go to church. You think you’re learning something — the excitement she speaks of can apply to any revelation or breakthrough (Eureka!)  in life you’re making — and you want to share it with the world, but the world seems neither interested nor excited. Consequently, you feel disappointed.

I learned that as an individual, I’m on my own path. As such, not everything that I see or experience can be easily shared and appreciated by others because others’ talents, interests, aptitudes and experiences may be in other areas of life.

What’s most important is that we accept each other. So if I chose the pagan path, or the scientific path, or both, my path is really not up for discussion. However if you are a true friend, you’ll accept my path as a part of me. C’est tout. Simple.

While we may feel a deeper spiritual connection with kindred spirits, if we dwell only there, we may not learn and grow as much as when we venture out and explore … forget ideologies (mere stepping stones for learning at best), because that reduces one down to merely living in one’s head —a puppet of your own mind.