A Day out in Alexandria, VA

A snippet of our day in Alexandria visiting the art center …

A Day out in Alexandria, VA

Working from the home office is certainly nice. No wasting time and fuel on commuting, the ability to isolate myself in my office as much as run over to the kitchen to grab s.th. to eat … but there comes the time to get away from the computer monitor, either by way of hitting the gym, taking the bike out for a spin or taking a day trip somewhere.

Well, this time it was time to explore the region.

First stop, the Torpedo Factory Art Center, where the first thing that caught my eye and reminded me that I have a camera I should use was Alison Sighety's luminescent-like sculptures.

One of Alison's art pieces seen from the show window

studio name tag - alison sigethy - glass & lenticular

Of course there was more to see …

A number of artists make this center their home which also gives rise to art shows and exhibits for new artists as well as numerous classes …

After that, well, we were getting hungry and so we stopped at Mai Thai for lunch. My plate was absolutely delicious, expertly cooked and proportioned. The timing couldn't have been better as we rolled in a little after 14:00 which allowed us to enjoy the ambiance and the food and each other's company without too much noise.

The historic streets allowed us to walk off our lunch and take more photos of buildings that have probably been around for more than 200 years. It was one of the most picturesque neighborhood walks we'd done in a long time, esp. in comparison to California.