Alternative to TV

It took me a while but after getting fed up with merely complaining about it, I took action to make a long awaited change: to unsubscribe from the cable TV service. I was simply tired of so many negatives that came out of that subscription that it didn’t make sense to keep it around.

  • television shows, for the most part, are not interesting and this is not worth $70/mo (x12)
  • equally frustrating is the onslaught of unwanted advertising; and I’m paying for this
  • random artifacts, pixelation in the middle of your HDTV movie
  • they advertise that HD is free but around the back, still charge you for an HD supporting cable box
  • when needing technical support, it’s a miracle to get a human on the line

Lately I’ve found that most of the interesting programming can be had online and for free. Take Hulu for example. They let you watch so many shows and some movies at your leisure with only a little advertising. Since this is free, OK, I’ll tolerate a few ads in between. Else if you want to watch HD shows or movies on the big screen there are several solutions for that. I happen to use the AppleTV & iTunes approach. This is still cheaper, at $4.00 for HD movie rentals, than going to the movies, and you get to be in the comfort of your home. If you want to be more social, invite some friends to join you or get to know your neighbors and invite them. Simple.

Other than that, I’m sure you know by now that most if not all the major networks are online and offer content, be it various episodes, movies or news. But there’s something much more important to consider here: your life.

Being healthy requires adequate sleep, good nutrition, proper exercise, meditation, some socializing and doing something productive with your life maybe even some travel. Fulfill these things and you’ll find you were just wasting your life away in front of that boob tube… whatever were you thinking …? <SMILE>

Cheers ~