Be the Change, But How?

"True fulfillment awaits those who dare to explore the deepest recesses of themselves." ~ SpiritualDive

Be the Change, But How?
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The question of HOW was an obvious response to this admonition by those who, some time ago, began to parrot this phrase on social media and elsewhere, quoting Mahatma Ghandi, but providing no depth at all in terms of instructions for HOW TO do that. Some of us have enough intuitive intelligence to look within and take the next steps … others need to be taught to even be aware.

I have written about this in earlier posts and so now I thought to share a video I stumbled across that may make the subject more palatable for more people to understand AND practice.


Because if humans wish to have a humane future, we as a species need to be in touch with our own souls and take steps towards inner development if the aspiration is to live a fulfilling life along the path of self-discovery of one's being and potential.

That's why.

The author of the video restricts their media from being shared/embedded outside of YouTube; I have yet to get a hold of them. It would be a shame for a good message to be held back.