Being - Life - Essence

Being - Life - Essence
Ambiance to provide the framework of this blog entry.

From the perspective that the majority of the mysteries this universe holds are far beyond our knowing and consequently understanding, and that words, regardless of how eloquent or semantically correct, are insufficient to express experience, therefore most of the reality of life is experienced beyond the realms of our mere brain. In stark contrast, it would be of benefit to all to see the majority of humanity aiming for inner illumination.

In contrast, humans throughout time either see themselves as victims of their circumstances or as clever manipulators of their environment. Neither vantage point is objectively appropriate because both function on the premise of being disconnected from the whole. The victim is a passive participant from an inner place of lack and fear, the manipulator is one to shape their surroundings to their liking with disregard for those very surroundings powered by ego. The first example lacks responsibility, courage and mindfulness, while the second is more akin to sociopathology at best – a learned behavior of the ends justifies the means whilst suspending any empathy. Derived are the consequences of all pollution, ecological destruction, the extinction of species and the abhorrent mistreatment of fellow human beings. How much disaster does humanity require to learn, wake up and change its ways?

Obviously I am looking at the negative polarity of human potential here as lack of awareness by merely encouraging the light in us doesn’t seem to be enough.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

Anne Frank