Celebrate Individuality and the Benefit of Others

The positive forces, the STO (Service to Others) beings at higher levels are actively working to sustain the Creative fields toward achievement of the positive Logoic purpose which is the realization of Absolute Consciousness under all conditions and in all forms. Diversity is promoted and celebrated.

However, the Negative hierarchy is oriented toward the consuming of radiant light energy in a one way flow to “Become One”. The progressive power that devolves from the “capture’ and incorporation or radiant-light sources serves to feed and enhance an exclusive subjectivity of consciousness since the effort is toward the subordination of all things to the magnified narcissism belonging to devout ego consciousness.

~ Laura-Knight Jadczyk

The above quotation is part of a much larger discussion on the potential of alien (ET, EBE, …) interactivity with our planet’s population over the millenia. It is quite plausible that benevolent beings do not interfere with humanity for the very reason that they respect free will, diversity and providing us the chance to evolve on our own, at our own pace, no matter how slow that may be. As for malevolent beings, these would use their intelligence in very sophisticated and subtle ways of interaction and manipulation, to various ends which we may or may not even understand. In the end, we expect alien intelligence to behave in predictable, human ways — they do not, as their evolution, experience and culture (?) is far outside of our realm of awareness and experience.

The responsibility of evolution, solving problems, understanding and appropriately responding to our planetary and cosmological environment is quite up to us …

While the consideration of alien life may not seem at all relevant to everyday human life, I am oft looking for glimpses of the big picture and as such, inspiration for HOW TO rise above, among other things, the human sociological and ideological muck of ineptitude which ranges from pacifism to war and the ravaging of our environment. As far as our beneficial accomplishments are concerned, who is the real benefactor and how are these accomplishments and Eurekas being used over time?

And that, my friends brings me to the realization of how much I must still learn in order to appropriately participate in what appears to be the challenge that all life faces: the realization of Absolute Consciousness which appreciates and celebrates diversity while giving of itself out of an inner abundance. Along that route, how do we promote an ever evolving global culture which centers around Absolute Consciousness whilst appreciating diversity and beneficial aspects of all cultures while naturally dropping all aspects that are not beneficial to life and habitat?