Connecting Soul to Nature

Connecting Soul to Nature

Attempting to convey in words what one feels when connecting with Nature as much as connecting with the Akasha is not possible, because semantics will never suffice to accurately describe and illustrate one’s experience.

It is akin to making a connection with God and allowing that connection to illuminate the heart in such a way that one’s gradually increasing illumination shines outward, expressing itself in appreciation, love, patience, empathy, creativity, kindness, … Oneness.

It is a lack of such a connection that eventually results in darkness and dysfunction.

Inner tranquility is not only healing, but it allows us to interact appropriately with the phenomenal world.

The only other note I have is that Nature is so very vast and complex, and this world is not even all there is! When I observe it appears that much of Life’s functioning is simply intuitive … any underlying functions are built-in to DNA.

Most of the time, the natural state of mind is to be tranquil. Its subset, intellect, is only necessary in specific use cases, best used in sync with one’s own natural inner rhythm or frequency.

An enjoyable and healthy life is founded on simplicity.