Excellent Read ~ A Course in Miracles

Excellent Read ~ A Course in Miracles

ACIM as it’s also referred to, is exuberantly amazing to read in terms of bringing illumination towards understanding the human condition, understanding oneself. Some may be thrown off by its choice of Christian references and terminology – don’t. Simply understand that in order to convey a concept, some framework has to be used with associated semantics in order to share a given message so that it may be widely understood. If the message were to use mathematical formulas akin to theoretical calculus, I and possibly you would be lost, no?

The Message …

.. as far as I’ve read so far, is this (paraphrased):

The human mind has been flipped from its natural state of connectedness with the Source of Life to a perceived state of separation out of which springs fear and doubt which in turn miscreates ...

Love, expressed in the form of miracles, corrects our mental distortions to bring us back into our natural state of spiritual community, wholeness, and accurate perception that results in joy and appropriate behavior.

One way of framing an understading of the misbehavior we see in the world anywhere along the arbitrary timeline in terms of human and environmental atrocities can be summed up in these terms:

Denial of error is a strong defense of truth, but denial of truth results in miscreation, the projections of the ego. ⁶In the service of the right mind the denial of error frees the mind, and re-establishes the freedom of the will. ⁷When the will is really free it cannot miscreate, because it recognizes only truth. (ACIM, T-2.II.2:5-7)*

As a seeker, delving into the proper tuning of consciousness is natural & intuitive, but is only possible when interference patterns of other energies are neutralized. In other words, if one wishes to grow and ascend while engaging in a rich life experience, then one has to consider this endeavor as the core of one’s motivations.

Sometimes I find myself at a loss of words because I want to convey so much information which is not humanly possible nor can one easily convey concepts from a multitude of sources without overwhelming the audience with numerous related references from around the world. This does not even cover personal experience for which there are no words esp. when such experience is not common.

Choose your path …

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