Quality of Life

Jay Shafer has it good… he decided to downsize his life, exit the rat race and live simply by focusing on simply living and pursuing what he wants to do with his life rather than letting money worries control him. Personally, I find him a huge inspiration … check it out and let me know if you had a chance to downsize, how would you go about doing it?

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Dee Williams came to the same conclusion and proudly shows off the house she built with her own hands with nothing more than a few blueprints from the internet and some friends. $10,000 and 3 months later, she owns her own home, uses solar power, spends about $10/mo or less on utility bills and best of all, is flexible to live anywhere she wishes. Does it get any better than this? In an era of excess and sorrounded by a failing economy and constant fears of job loss, financial disaster and other things, can you honestly say that our more common paradigm of living is serving us well?

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