Learning From Current Events

There are too many shootings, dis-ease, et al  Hit with Brick

In a civilized society I’d expect us to have developed a way of providing for everyone, where natural resources are kept pristine and are thusly shared by the global community as arbitrary borders, laws and government don’t exist because they’re not needed. Any kind of needed production is based on renewable energy and automation, hence “working” as we know it and currency are irrelevant. In such a society, one’s life is based on one’s natural aptitudes and interests which, enhanced by education and practical application, are brought to constructive fruition by engaging in project groups, in pursuit of gaining better understanding, skill and perhaps enlightenment and perpetually improving on the way our society, technology et al functions. We’re not striving for nor will we ever attain utopia but we can attain happiness, good health, peace, and a meaningful, dignified life for humanity and the planet as a whole.

In short, a civilized society makes efficient and responsible use of energy, technology and natural resources to provide for its needs, physical & psychological/emotional, no more, no less. People’s needs are taken care of including food, clothing, shelter, education, public transportation, projects, medical facilities so that there is no cause for aberrant behavior. Ideologies esp. those which are based on arcane ignorance and prejudice or superstition, philosophies that divide and condemn are no longer taught.

At present, I find it extremely disappointing that those who are more educated, more intelligent and more influential than I are seemingly not contemplating visionary revisions of our society to benefit all. I do see quite a bit of “ooohh shit” knee-jerk reactivity after the fact, rhetoric, opinions, emotions, confusion, <SIGH>


My posting on Google+ seems to be flakey today inasmuch as it’s not showing my entire posting from 2012-12-15, hence I’m pasting it in here:

 comment to Guy Kawasaki’s post is totally reasonable, logical… If we start banning automatic weapons, next we’ll have someone use regular guns, ban those, and they’ll use a blade, ban those and they’ll use/find something else. The underlying cause of violent behavior needs to be addressed. Focusing on the symptom rather than the disease is ever so easy especially when emotionally involved.

Those who are responsible, rational, of sound mind, need to have a way of defending themselves from black sheep, because the law and the enforcement thereof is certainly ineffective – all the legal system does is mop up and then discuss damage$ and if you’re really lucky, the perpetrator gets off on a technicality. ..not being cynical, that’s how I see it.

Hopefully government will take some time to consider public feedback from all the angles rather than haphazardly coming up with new policy (a bandaid) just to appease the present moment, apply a quick fix and say “we did something” …

I’m not an expert so please bear with me as I attempt to express this concept: Society as a whole needs be to reinvented, revised, started over… money needs to be done away with, banks and their crooked, callous ways, corruption, deceit, wars, entertainment which glorifies violence, pollution, politics, the breaking up of the family, distrust, legalism, joblessness, racism, judgement, loneliness, ego … it is simply mind-boggling how much mental and emotional and spiritual pollution together with an overabundance of information (mostly negatively charged or at least useless clutter) that bombards us on a daily basis. It is no surprise that some people simply snap!

The question to ask would be: What kind of lives would we want to live that we’d find meaningful and healthy? What does it take to get there?!

My heart goes out to those families whose innocent young ones were lost and anyone who lost a loved one… but no words will be able to suffice to be of comfort.