Mind vs Intellect

Mind vs Intellect
Spirit within

There is Mind and there is intellect, usually incorrectly applied synonymously in English usage.

Thinking, a function of intellect, is based on knowledge which is always going to be lacking ... intellect is a limited tool and not all there is ... it is a tool for analyzing and solving problems though can and likely will get in the way of truly seeing ~ hence s.th. to be disengaged when not needed.


For example, when you watch a 🌅 sunset at the beach, you observe the yellow + orange light, feel its warmth on your skin while listening to the surf, watch seagulls glide by and appreciate the whole experience intuitively through many of your senses. There's no thinking here, just experiencing. Here you feel gratitude, belonging, joy, love ... here our individual soul grows ~
Thinking in contrast would be analyzing and visualizing how the sun's radiation passes through the atmosphere at a specific angle, thus calculating how light is diffracted and filtered before it reaches our optical sensors and is interpreted through electrical impulses by our physical brain, blah blah blah and you've just completely missed the experience because of the 📽 mini-movie in your head! Suppose there's room for the occasional scientific study 🔬⚗🌡
Lastly, 'thinking', a word all to often misused, in the absence of knowledge is merely fantasizing.

Mind is awareness & intelligence, part of our essence or spirit which is a subset of our Source from whence we came, that with which humans seek & yearn for Connection and without which Life is without Love, and therefore likely destructive inwardly and outwardly, not to mention nihilistic.


It is natural as much as it is intuitive to connect with our Source —Nature, animals, trees, wind, sun, grass, sand, the ocean, the Akasha {unified Mind that transcends the universe - our Source}, the universe— usually through a myriad of meditation practices, in order to have and share benevolent Life experience which fulfills and illuminates from the inside out and transmutes the world into the kind of environment that is as pristine as it is joy inspiring as we explore and grow together from this nourishing and supportive environment.


Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

I am an explorer who started in Germany then moved to the USA — traveled the globe from Amsterdam → Ubud → Auckland → Ayutthaya → Vancouver → Belo Horizonte.
3rd orbit from Sol, Milky Way, Laniakea