• Solar Powered School

    I’m thrilled to see more and more alternative energy examples cropping up around the globe. Global warming or not, using finite resources is simply unwise esp. when these pollute our world. Society, progress, change needs to be motivated by something…

  • Hamburg’s Hydrogen Efforts

    There are still some details to be worked out when it comes to the use of Hydrogen, esp. in industrial applications e.g. local transports. Hamburg, Germany is spearheading that effort and testing this technology with a small fleet of city…

  • Hydrogen has a Future

    If we’re to look at Iceland’s example of H2 usage, we’d think that an entire infrastructure has to be built to support hydrogen vehicles of the future. On top of that, I’m a bit cynical about how long it takes…

  • UK Government Pays Homes to go Green

    What a concept, the gov pays now and everyone benefits in the long run… We need more of this happening here and around the world!

  • Purifying Water for the Masses

    .. a multi-purpose machine which is solar powered, purifies water, stores hydrogen for energy use, … with a price tag of 95,000$ this is a solution meant more for disaster areas, relief efforts, etc. Take a look.